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Alpha Press PZ-300C 18v Battery Hydraulic Crimping Tool

Item No: PZ-300C-1

The Alpha Press PZ-300C/1930 is the compact and light weight model for the plumbing industry where size ranges from 15mm to 35mm for metallic pipe systems such as copper, carbon steel and stainless steel whereas the tool can be used between 16mm to 32mm on plastic PEX and multilayer plumbing systems.
It can also be used within the electrical sector where crimping of terminals from 16mm2 to 300mm2 is required.

Marketing leading weight distribution at only 2kg means that the PZ-300C/1930 reduces muscle stress but delivers 19kn of output force to ensure that joint is secure.

19kn Force Output
330 DEG Swivel Head
Easy change jaws
LED Light

2-Year Warranty

Supplied as standard with:

PZ-1930/300C Crimping Machine
Hard Case
1x 110v to 240v Charger
2x 18v 1.5ah Li-ion Batteries

Available in pack as extra option:

1x 15mm M Profile Jaw
1x 22mm M Profile Jaw
1x 28mm M Profile Jaw


With Electrical Crimping Dies
16mm2 to 300mm2
Cutting Jaw

Other jaw configurations available. M-Profile, V-Profile, TH-Profile, U-Profile.