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Alpha Lube DRY Lubricant

Alpha-Lube DRY lubricant for Crimping Tool.

DRY 75ml
DRY 150ml
DRY Spray 500ml

It is imperative that lubricant is used on all Pipe and Electrical crimping tools on the jaw area where the jaw comes in to contact with the crimp or press fitting.
Any lubricant used should of a ‘dry’ type that is quick drying on application and does not attract debris when in use.
Use of wet type lubricants are more likely to attract debris that can be pressed into the surface of the joint causing defect. Wet lubricants can also cause contamination and some wet oils may corrode rubber or O-rings parts within some press fittings.

Alpha Lube has been specifically formulated to provide a secure and more uniform crimp to both pipe fittings and electrical terminal crimped fittings.
It can be used on varying materials such as copper, stainless steel, carbon steel and brass.
Alpha Lube will aid with uniform installation and prolong tool jaw lifespan by decreasing wear and lessens motor stress on battery or electrical tools.
 Reduces drag on the fitting.
 Prolongs tool lifespan.
 Aids with uniform crimp.

Alpha Lube can also be used for reducing friction and wear on cycle chains, blades and bits, door and window tracks, slides, conveyor belts, rollers, hinges, table saws, lathes, power tools and equipment. Effective in temperatures ranging from -50°F to 500°F