Arrival of our new BZ-1930 model

We are please to announce the development of our new BZ-1930 crimping tool aimed at the users that are more likely to work in the domestic market where crimping is generally on sizes of 35mm and below.

The BZ-1930 is capable of pressing up to 32mm and delivers up to 19kn of force and is available with a range of crimping jaws for varying pipe types.
It is designed to be lightweight at only 2kg, but yet very robust and built to last. It also features lightening quick cycle time of between 2-4 seconds per crimping meaning that when you combine this with its weight it vastly reduces muscle stress for the user.

Other advantages are that it is supplied with 2x ‘Makita Type LXT’ compatible batteries as standard where most competition machines are only supplied with one.

Ask us for more details.

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